4 Ideas To Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space All Fall and Winter Long

4 Ideas To Enjoy Your Outdoor Living Space All Fall and Winter Long

Cold fall and winter weather pushes people away from their outdoor living areas, but this doesn’t have to be the case. You can relax and entertain on your patio and porch no matter the season. The cold weather even makes for some unique outdoor enjoyments.

If you’re feeling cramped and limited indoors, it’s time for a change. Reclaim your time on the patio or porch with these four ideas to enjoy your outdoor living space all fall and winter long.

1. Stay Warm With a Firepit

A backyard firepit transforms your outdoor seating area into a true gathering place for all seasons. From a design perspective, a firepit provides a focal point in any style you like. So even when it’s not in use, the firepit acts as a visual anchor for your outdoor living space.

From a practical perspective, a firepit is the perfect way to stay warm during cold nights or winter days. Pull up a chair or bench and enjoy the company of your loved ones in the warm glow of the firelight.

2. Enclose Your Patio

Enclosing your patio is another great idea for enjoying your outdoor living space all fall and winter long. With a variety of available designs, a patio enclosure adds a barrier between your patio and the yard. Unlike the walls of your house, a patio enclosure can keep you shielded from the harshest elements while still allowing you to enjoy your outdoor setting.

A popular, modern option for patio enclosures is to install rolling mesh screens to the vertical beams supporting your patio’s roof. The screens will move on tracks placed on the beams.

You can use a remote control to open or close the screens individually or all at once. You can also control how far down the screens come. The versatility and ease of use of screens makes this addition a convenient way to shield your patio from the harsh winter weather.

3. Bundle Up With Blankets

One of the best ways to stay warm in the winter is bundling up under a blanket. While everyone enjoys blankets indoors, you can’t beat throw blankets when it comes to warming up in an outdoor retreat.

Warm and stylish blankets help you enjoy your patio’s unique fall and winter feel. In the still, cold outdoors, staying under a blanket can help you get lost in a book. The classic cold-weather pastime of drinking hot chocolate becomes even more enjoyable when you’re doing it outside on your patio, wrapped in a blanket.

For convenience, keep throw blankets in a basket inside your house. That way, you can grab a blanket for yourself on your way outside or take the whole basket if you’re going with others.

4. Light Candles for a Cheerful Ambience

Outdoor candles spruce up your patio or porch any time of the year, but less daylight during fall and winter days means more time for enjoying candlelight. There’s nothing like the glow of a candle when it comes to creating a cheerful atmosphere in cold weather.

While a firepit is a commanding focal point, candles accent your décor and make your space cozier. With our glass citronella candles, you can enjoy the refreshing smell of citronella as you watch the candle glow behind glass.

Patio Essentials offers glass candles in a range of styles and colors to complement your design sense. Our candles come in multiples, making it easy for you to space the candles throughout the area and fill the air with a comforting light and aroma.

Brighten Your Outdoor Space With Patio Essentials

At Patio Essentials, we love to improve outdoor living. Our candles are stylish, burn reliably, and smell great. Shop our collection today and transform your outdoor space.

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