Autumnal Trends We're Falling for in 2020

Autumnal Trends We're Falling for in 2020Hello, October! The leaves are changing, the air is crisp, apples are waiting to be picked and your outdoor space isn't ready to be abandoned quite yet! As we settle into fall, we're sharing a few of our favorite fall decor trends that you can use on your patio or porch to keep using that space for as long as the weather allows!

Fall 2020 Trends: Layered Lighting | Patio Essentials

As the days get shorter, you're going to want a little extra lighting in your outdoor space to help brighten it up. We talked about adding a layer of coziness to your outdoor space with lighting in our blog post with simple tips on how to spruce up your patio, and now we're going to take it a step further with layered lighting! Adding multiple light sources at different visual levels throughout your outdoor space will help create a cozy and warm look for fall. We like the idea of combining outdoor string lights for the tallest layer of lighting, with some candles on your patio table for lighting at or near eye level when you're sitting, and then a few bamboo or metal torches along the perimeter of your outdoor space.

If you want to really kick the ambiance up a notch, add one of our Distressed Metal AquaFlame models to your outdoor space. The AquaFlame fountain has 16 different color changing variations and the warm orange or yellow color tones provide the perfect color glow for a fun fall space.

Fall 2020 Trends: Monochromatic Palettes | Patio Essentials

Fall has a pretty standard color palette that we're all used to, but this year it's getting a bit of a twist. Monochromatic palettes are popping up all over the place for fall, and while we love color just as much as you do, we're also loving the layered simplicity of this new trend. Try mixing soft, muted colors within the same color palette, in different textures, for a fun way to create visually interesting and unique spaces. For example, if you have a rust-colored outdoor rug, try pairing it with some candles or throw pillows in a lighter or darker shade of rust to match. PSSSST - those earthy, warm tones we talked about in our summer 2020 trends post are still a huge hit for fall! The warm tones of our glass mason jar candles and other vintage collection items transition perfectly to create a cozy fall vibe (and bonus, they're simply gourd-geous when paired with pumpkins, fall flowers, and foliage!)

Fall 2020 Trends: Rattan and Natural Accents | Patio Essentials

Rattan is still having a huge moment – furniture, baskets, and mirrors, oh my! We're seeing this trend everywhere and we don't know about you, but we are loving the idea of bringing it to our outdoor spaces! Pairing it with other natural elements (instead of rattan if isn't your jam), such as wood, bamboo, and terracotta helps create a soothing, restful space that doesn't look out of place in the nature surrounding it. Our bamboo torchesterracotta citronella candles, and giant farmhouse bucket citronella candles are simple ways to incorporate this trend into your outdoor space while also adding a little light!

We hope these trends have inspired you to take your fall decorating past your front step and out into the yard so that you can keep enjoying your outdoor space for the rest of the season! We be-leaf outdoor time is important in every season!

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