Bamboo vs. Metal Torches: Which is Best for You?

Bamboo vs. Metal Torches: Which is Best for You? | Patio Essentials

So, you're looking to add some torches to your outdoor space but can't decide between bamboo torches or metal torches? We can give you the 4-1-1 on both to help make your decision! For the second installment in our three post series on giving your outdoor space a refresh for a new season, we'll talk about some style options for torches to add a bit of welcoming warmth to your outdoor space.

Before we get into it, let's talk about why torches make a great addition to your outdoor space in the first place. They're an easy and fun way to add a decorative element to your outdoor space, but what we really love about them is the way the warm glow from the torch flame creates a cozy, relaxed atmosphere. And that's something we could all use these days! Any of our outdoor torches can be used with our Citronella Scented or Scatterbug torch fuels as part of your barrier of protection to keep the bugs away while you relax outdoors.

Now, back to choosing between bamboo and metal torches. There are pretty obvious style and price differences between the two types of torches, but there are a few other less obvious reasons why one style might suit your needs better than the other.

Bamboo torches, also known as tiki torches because of their roots in Polynesian culture, conjure up images of beach parties, luaus and tiki bars, making them the perfect choice to turn your backyard into a tropical getaway. Besides the standard beachcomber style bamboo torch, modern bamboo torches come in fun colors or patterns that make them more versatile and great party accessories (like our stars and stripes bamboo torches, which are perfect for Memorial Day or the Fourth of July). We might not be able to throw big parties with all of our friends and family right now, but one thing that we've learned during this time is that it's even more important to find little things to celebrate with those in our home. 

Because these torches are made with real, dried bamboo, they're not weather resistant and aren't made to sit outdoors unprotected between uses. If you take your bamboo torches down between uses, empty the fuel canisters and store them in the garage or the shed, you can expect them to last through the season. Purchasing some torch stakes makes this easier if you plan to bring them in and out regularly; you can leave the stake in the ground, remove the torch and bring it into the garage or shed and then just replace it in the torch stake the next day. If you choose to leave your bamboo torches outdoors instead of storing them, the rain, wind, humidity and other inclement weather will significantly shorten their lifespan.

This, plus their lower price tag, means that bamboo torches are great choices for short term or one-off uses, such as special events, party decor, picnics, camping trips, and weekend cabins. If you're up for storing them properly after each use,  they're also great for people who like to update their outdoor decor seasonally.

Bamboo vs. Metal Torches: Which is Best for You? | Patio Essentials

If you're not someone who wants to store your torches after each use or you're looking to add a little extra decor to your outdoor space that stays up even when you're not using them, you should definitely consider metal torches. They're able to withstand rain and humidity much better than their bamboo counterparts, though if you're expecting a big, windy storm, we do still recommend bringing them in for the night. Also keep in mind that if you live near salt water and keep your metal torches out for extended periods, you can expect to see more wear and tear on them from the salt.

Metal torches are a great way to add some style and brightness to your outdoor space, and there are so many different style options with this type of torch! Our cylinder stainless steel torches are our best selling torches, people love the touch of sophistication it adds to their space. Or if you're looking for something more playful, our 3-in- pineapple torch (which can be used as a standard torch, tabletop torch or clamped to a deck railing) is a great option! Metal torches will cost more than bamboo torches, but will last for several seasons. And since of our torches come with replaceable torch wicks, replacement wicks are available for purchase on our website along with your favorite torch fuel options, you'll be able to enjoy them for a long time!

Now that you know all about the lifespan and care for both bamboo and metal torches, you'll be able to pick out the perfect torches for your needs! If you have any other questions before you make your decision, leave us a comment below!

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