Celebrate Summer with these Decor Trends for Summer 2020!

Summer 2020 Decor Trends | Patio Essentials

It’s officially summer now - that means barbecues, bonfires, yard games, and a whole lot of time relaxing in your backyard! We're celebrating the kick-off of our favorite season by sharing some of the best decor trends out there for summer 2020 to help you get your outdoor space ready!

Summer 2020 Decor Trends: Warm Neutrals | Patio Essentials

The hot (pun intended!) colors and prints for this summer are heavily influenced by nature. Look for warmer, neutral tones that are inspired by the natural world around us and give off a cozy, earthy feel. The wine bottle green, smokey brown, and grey colors of our Vintage Collection are a perfect addition to play up this trend in your outdoor space. If your style leans more towards contemporary with clean lines, we'd recommend our dotted glass citronella candles, which have a modern shape with a subtle dose of character from the dotted glass. If you prefer a bit of fun and whimsy, you'll love our mini and medium mason jar citronella candles. Our caged tabletop torches combine elements of modern design and vintage charm so that they pair perfectly with the citronella candle options in the Vintage Collection!


Summer 2020 Decor Trends: Texture | Patio Essentials

What really takes the neutral color pallet trend to the next level is throwing in texture to elevate it! This season is all about new ideas, innovations, and unlikely pairings. The mixed materials trend we highlighted in our blog post on decor trends for spring is still going strong for summer and is a huge part of the texture trend. Texture can come in a lot of different forms, whether it's a faux sheepskin throw, a woven basket, or the textured look of our 50 oz 5 Wick Blue Ceramic Pot Citronella Candle. The hammered, high gloss finish on the top of the candle vessel, paired with the neutral, matte ceramic base will give your patio a sophisticated, elegant look with a nod to the neutral color pallet and a versatile texture in your outdoor space.


Summer 2020 Decor Trends: Go Green | Patio Essentials

If the trends for this summer are inspired by mother nature, then you can't overlook the movement towards going green and being eco-conscious with your decor choices. Whether you look for items that are plant-based, like our Nature's Flame torch fuel that has a non-toxic plant-based formula that provides a less smokey, petroleum fee burn, or you make an effort to reduce your carbon footprint through recycling and reusing pieces of decor that you already have. When we're sourcing and designing candle vessels, we put a lot of work into finding pieces that you'll love while you're burning your candle - but we also think it's great to clean out and reuse those vessels for decoration or storage after the candle has burned out**.

For a how-to video on cleaning out any excess wax and the wick from your candle vessel, check out this blog post, head to our IGTV channel, Facebook page, or YouTube channel! We've got more tutorials and posts planned for the future to give you ideas on how you can reuse your candle vessels, so stay tuned.

If you really want to play into the natural trends this summer, you should definitely consider adding one of our indoor/outdoor AquaFlame color-changing fountains to your outdoor space. Not only does the sound of falling water help to create a soothing environment with a natural sound, but falling water is actually nature's natural scent diffuser.

If you look closely at the dome on our AquaFlame, you'll notice that it has serrated edges. These are to break the falling water into individual streams, which provide different water sounds. There are 36 different water paths and when you add any essential oil to the AquaFlame, these paths are what help diffuse the scent. The falling water hits the reservoir and creates an air bubble, which picks up the scent, traps it, and then ruptures releasing an aerosol into the air. Bonus? When you add our high-purity citronella essential oil to your AquaFlame, it will help keep mosquitoes away and reduce mosquito landings by up to 49%.

**Please note that we do not recommend reusing the vessels for food or drink storage.

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