Get Your Patio Ready with these Decor Trends for Spring 2020!

Spring 2020 Decor Trends to Get Your Patio Ready | Patio Essentials

Now that we're officially in the spring season, and things are starting to warm up all around the country, it's time to get your outdoor space ready! With most of the country at home for the time being to help prevent the spread of COVID-19, creating spaces where you feel happy, relaxed and comfortable in your home is even more important than ever. Your patio, back yard, front porch or whatever outdoor space you have is probably pretty precious to you right now, so why not give it a little facelift?

Over the next three weeks, we're going to be sharing a series of blog posts (one each Monday) to help you turn your outdoor space into the perfect escape this season. We're kicking off this series with some of our product development team's favorite trends for the spring of 2020!

Spring 2020 Decor Trends: Mixed Materials
Inspired by Mother Nature herself, our first trend is all about combining a mixture of materials to create a unique design that's both texturally and visually interesting. There's a lot of different ways to incorporate this look into your outdoor space (or any space, really!) Try pairing together pieces of patio furniture and accent pieces that have different materials, finishes, and textures - maybe pick a distressed wood patio table and pair it with some vintage-style metal patio chairs. Or you can look for single-piece items made from contrasting or complimenting materials, such as our woven rope and bamboo torches. The main thing to remember is that you don't need to worry about everything matching; look at the way different textures are paired together in nature and let that guide you. You'll end up with an outdoor space that sits comfortably in the nature that surrounds it, and that you can sit comfortably in.

Spring 2020 Decor Trends: Tropical Fruit Pops
Adding a touch of paradise with tropical elements, fruit designs, and fruit cut details is a fun warm-weather trend that is still very popular for spring 2020. The bright pop of color and playfulness of the fruit designs (think citrus fruits, watermelons, pineapples) contrasts nicely with the natural materials and neutral colors that you see with the tropical trend. Look for accent pieces to add to your existing natural looking outdoor furniture, such as throw pillows, drinkware, pool toys and towels, and our glass pineapple torch which will help you play up this trend in a way that feels fun and tasteful for the long term.

Spring 2020 Decor Trends: Light & Medium Wood tones

Our third trend is perfect for the outdoors since many of us already use the main material in our decks, patios, porches or outdoor furniture - wood! Medium to light wood tones are popping up everywhere right now because they provide a fresh and clean look and feel for spring 2020. If you're planning some bigger backyard DIY projects like refinishing your deck or patio furniture (you're home and you've extra time, so why not?) choosing one of these on-trend wood tones is a great way to spruce things up for a big change. If you're looking for smaller ways to incorporate this trend into your outdoor decor, things like side tables, planters, and smaller decorative elements are great options. The light wood tone on the lid of our 6 oz citronella & lemongrass scented candle provides a nice accent to the pretty pastel-colored vessels (bonus - this also plays on the mixed materials trend!)

We hope this gets you thinking about some fun ways you might start refreshing your outdoor space to make the most of it this year! We'll be back next week with some more tips, in the meantime, let us know what decor trends you're loving this spring!

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