How To Create a Stylish and Modern Outdoor Living Space

How To Create a Stylish and Modern Outdoor Living Space

Summer is around the corner! A great way to make time go faster is to revamp the yard and make it look brand-new. This guide on creating a stylish and modern outdoor living space will help give the area new life. Although it’ll take some work, it’ll be worth it when you’re relaxing there on a summer’s night.

What Is Modern Design?

Before discussing how to create a modern space, we need to overview key elements of the style. Think of it this way: modernism is more about the materials than the actual design itself. It’s a mixture of hard materials like concrete and steel with softer elements, like wooden accents. The benefit of using these materials is that they’re easy to maintain. It’s also all about establishing clean lines. So, focus on where to place your plants—everything should be neat and organized. It sounds taxing, but it’ll make summer life more relaxing!

The Importance of Research

Most of the time, research doesn’t sound like fun. However, looking at modern outdoor designs is the best kind of research there is! Study up on popular trends in outdoor design right now. You can do this by looking through Pinterest or Instagram to see what materials people using. Are there any particular furniture pieces that scream modernism more than others? Interior design magazines will also prove as a helpful resource while getting an idea of what you want. The more you know about modern design, the easier it’ll be to nail the look when putting things together.

Planning for the Perfect Paradise

After you’ve looked at popular design magazines and Pinterest pictures, it’s time to get organized! The next step in the process is planning. Get a picture in your head of what you want the space to look like when it’s finished. Consider where you’ll place everything in the area. Do you plan on getting large furniture pieces, or do you want to be more subtle? What details will you include in your design? Make sure you have enough room for everything in your vision.

One Less, One Less Problem

Unfortunately, there’s one more box to check before getting to the good stuff. To obtain a modern outdoor space, you need to address existing problems before you design. However, leveling your patio can make it look more stylish and add value to the space. Using fertilizer to help rejuvenate dead areas in your yard can be advantageous as well. No one wants to think about fixing household issues, but it's a necessary evil. The only way to capture a truly stylish design is to repair existing problems. Treat yourself with an iced coffee when the job’s complete—you deserve it!

Fabulous Furniture

It’s time for the fun stuff—furniture! Every outdoor space needs furniture where guests can relax and enjoy a glass of wine. So, you need to capture that comfy feeling with a sleek look. It might take a few trips to the furniture store to accomplish this goal. Modernism is all about cleanliness and precise lines, and these ideas don’t necessarily vibe with comfortability. Don’t stress, though—not all hope is lost! The key to blending these concepts is getting clean and sharp furniture and decorating it with plush cushioning. This is the perfect compromise! Your guests will feel relaxed when they visit, and you won’t have to sacrifice the style you’re going for. It’s a win-win situation.

The Devil’s in the Details

Now, you might be thinking, “Anyone can plan a design and buy modern furniture. I want my outdoor space to unique!” Your thoughts are 100% valid. You must make the space your own for it to stand out on the block. Try to get contemporary accessories that really drive the theme home. Modern citronella candles from Patio Essentials are perfect for anyone trying to create a stylish outdoor space. Our brushed bronze citronella bucket candle is perfect for a clean and simple modern look. Or try our blue glazed ceramic citronella candle if you prefer a little bit of glam to your modernism. Plus, they help keep mosquitoes at bay!

Tiki torches are another fun way to add personality to your outdoor space. Our 5-ft stainless steel tiki torches have a sleek and sophisticated style that will look great in your new modern patio space. Or try using our matte two-toned tabletop torch as a centerpiece on your outdoor tables. Other features that’ll bring your yard into the 21st century include a firepit and hanging lights.

Embrace Greenery

Modern design doesn’t necessarily embrace color. Instead, lovers of the style decorate with neutral tones, so people’s focus is on the architecture in the room. Here we go again with the clean lines! It’s understandable that minimal color might not be your thing, and there’s a solution for that—embrace the greenery in your yard. Plants are a simple way to add color to the space while staying within the guidelines of the look. A fun weekend project can be building a garden trellis where vines can grow upward, creating a feature that guests will love.

Updated Tech

What’s modernism without a little technology? Implementing updated technology into your design will help it stand out from other yards on the block. Perhaps you can get a projector so you and the fam can bundle up and watch a movie. Wireless speakers are also a must-have item. You can embarrass your kids this summer by asking the device to play 80s music. Adding software to your outdoor space will make it stylish and make life easier.

Learning how to create a stylish and modern outdoor living space will serve you well in the future. Focus on making your space the ultimate outdoor oasis this summer. This task is easy when you get the right furniture and zero in on the details. It doesn’t hurt to embrace greenery and implement updated tech, either. If you’re going to do it, you might as well do it right!

Updating your outdoor space is incredibly beneficial. The revamp will help you enjoy the space more and it’ll help increase your house’s value if you add other features such as a deck or professional landscaping. An important point we haven’t mentioned is to pack your patience! You won’t get a fabulous yard overnight. Instead, it’ll take a lot of hard work and vision to end up with the space you want. But, in the end, all your determination will pay off in the end when you’re sipping on a glass of wine, watching the sun go down. You deserve a mini paradise within your home, and there’s no better place to start than the great outdoors. If all of that seems like a lot of work, start simple by shopping our collection of modern citronella candles.

How To Create a Stylish and Modern Outdoor Living Space

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