New pantone colors for our citronella bucket candles!

17 Ounce Matte Painted Bucket - Leaf Green, Deep Sea Coral, Copen Blue, Eggshell Blue

Are you ready for patio season 2019? Maybe you live in the northern half of the US and are using your dreams of sunshine and summertime to get you through this winter (we’re based in Minnesota so we feel you). Or maybe you’re one of those lucky southerners who gets to enjoy patio weather all year long (no, we’re not jealous at all!). Either way, we’ve got some exciting news. We put a fresh coat of paint on our 17 ounce citronella bucket candles for 2019 and they’re going to be coming at you in three new Pantone colors — Copen Blue, Eggshell Blue and Deep Sea Coral!

We all just love these new colors and we know that you will too. We’re also pretty excited because after we finalized the new colors, Pantone announced Living Coral as their color of the year for 2019 and it’s such a close match to our Deep Sea Coral. Pantone always has their finger on the pulse of all things color, so finding out that we’re in sync with their trend forecast felt great!

While doing research for the new colors, our Product Development Specialist, Rachel, ordered samples in both a shiny and a matte finish. They both looked great but had completely different feels, so we threw it out to our Facebook and Instagram followers to get your opinions. It was a blowout. 61% of our Facebook fans and 75% of our Instagram followers picked the matte finish over the shiny. We know you guys have great taste, so we went with the matte finish and they really do look great. What we love most about the matte is how versatile it is. Depending upon what type of décor the citronella bucket candles are styled with, the matte finish can have either a rustic, farmhouse look or a classy, more modern look.

Our painted bucket citronella candles are 17 oz of white wax with 3% real citronella oil added to help keep the bugs away (to learn more about creating a “barrier of protection” between you and the bugs using our citronella products, check out this blog post). Each citronella candle comes with a plastic lid to help protect it from the elements when it’s not in use and has a burn time of approximately 40 hours. On our website, the painted bucket citronella candles come in three packs with one of each color or two packs with two of each color. Our retailers sell them individually, so if you’re really in love with one color and want all of your painted bucket citronella candles to match, contact us and we can help you find a retailer near you!

The new colors just arrived and are are available on our website now, they'll be shipping out to retailers soon. We’ll be selling the new colors exclusively in a six pack to start. And when you get your new Pantone painted bucket citronella candles, we want to see how they look in your space, so be sure to post a photo tagging us (@PatioEssentials) and using our hashtag #PatioEssentials.

Love these colors so much that you want to use them somewhere else in your home? We can’t blame you! Head over to Pantone’s website and click “Find a Pantone Color.” You can either type in the name of the color you’re looking for or the Pantone number; Copen Blue (18-4025 TCX), Eggshell Blue (14-4809 TPX), Deep Sea Coral (18-1649 TPX). Or check out our Pinterest, we’ve got a board full of pins that are inspired by each of the new colors!

For those of you who love the current colors of our painted bucket citronella candles, these new colors will be replacing them, so make sure that you order the three pack from our website before they sell out or check with your local retailer to see if they have any in stock!

Which of the new Pantone colors is your favorite?

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