The 7 Most Popular Patio Decorating Design Styles

The 7 Most Popular Patio Decorating Design Styles

We’re in the thick of winter right now. Thinking about snow and puffy coats has me missing summertime like you wouldn’t believe. I miss days on the beach with the kiddos, watching beautiful sunsets with my hubby, and most of all, sitting on our outdoor patio reflecting on the events of the day. Daydreaming about these things makes it easier to get through the toughest season of the year. Another activity that helps pass the time is designing spaces in my head. This year, I’m really focused on creating the perfect outdoor area my family and I can enjoy. Studying the seven most popular patio decorating design styles has given me the oomph to make it through winter.


Who wouldn’t love to feel like they’ve been transported to a tropical island every time they set foot in their yard? I’ll tell you something; I certainly wouldn’t object! Consider adding tropical elements to your patio’s design if this idea appeals to you. Don’t shy away from color here, people! Tropical designs are all about embracing every color of the rainbow. Consider getting some exotic throw pillows for your seating area and bamboo furniture that you’d find on an island. If you’re really feeling brave, plant some palm trees and colorful flowers in your yard! The beauty of a tropical design is that you can have fun with it. Here, big risks will pay off in the end!


The farmhouse style is all the rage right now. So many folks are adding wooden beams and barn doors to their houses to capture the full effect. Many of my girlfriends are making their patios more farmhouse-y, too. How does one accomplish this, you ask? It’s all about accessories! Try to get as many natural wood elements into the space as possible. Consider purchasing a large farmhouse table where the fam can enjoy summer meals. Also, don’t be afraid of greenery! Plant natural greens to tie in the wood elements you purchase. Unlike a tropical design, you don’t want to add too much color to a farmhouse patio. Stick to neutral colors that’ll help make your yard a more relaxing space. When things are finished, your patio will look like it’s been ripped from the page of a magazine.


I know a few people obsessed with modernism. They love clean lines and sharp angles—and, much to my envy, their houses always look pristine. Many of them have decided to carry this style into their backyards. Fortunately, it’s not too challenging to accomplish! All it takes is some sharp furniture and interestingly designed knickknacks. For example, Patio Essentials has an excellent selection of large outdoor citronella candles that fit the modern look. We have black candles with gold accents that scream trendiness. We want to help folks bring their patio designs into the 21st century. Our accessories will do just that.


We all have that one eccentric friend whose style is indescribable. A bohemian design is perfect for that person! Bohemianism is a combination of vintage and worldly design. For example, you can get vintage, comfortable furniture that’s neutral in color. Once you have the pieces you want, you can add color in other ways. Silk pillows, patterned blankets, or unique lighting fixtures are bohemian staple accessories that can add the pop of color you’re looking for. Another must-have of the look is worldly artifacts. Don’t be afraid to place your travel knickknacks on your bohemian patio so that people can inquire about your experiences. Guests should get the impression that you’re a renowned explorer when they look at the space. Putting things like unique statues, books, and never-before-seen artwork in the area will make it stand out like no other. Family and friends will feel as if they’ve been transported to a whole new world every time they come over.


I’m not one for subtlety, people. I want folks to walk into my home and see something they won’t forget. This is one of the reasons I’m obsessed with a geometric patio design. I love getting furniture with stripes and different angles. I want people to take some time to look at the pieces I’ve selected. As a result, I’ve gotten uniquely shaped lighting fixtures and accessories with patterns that’ll stick into people’s minds. Fortunately, Patio Essentials has everything I need to achieve the look I want. They have large outdoor citronella candles with stripes and patterns that’ll leave folks talking for days after their visit.

Family-Friendly Design

I absolutely love spending time with my family outside in the summer. So, it goes without saying that my patio is more family-friendly than most. I have plush furniture where the kiddos can stretch out in the sun after a long day. Most of my uniquely shaped accessories are higher up, too, so that the kids can’t get their paws on them. Another awesome standout that I adore is that all of my furniture has cupholders! That way, I don’t have to stress about the kids spilling juice all over the ground.


Perhaps bold and off-the-wall choices aren’t your thing. Maybe you want to keep things classy and traditional in your home’s design—ain’t nothing wrong with that! The best way to achieve this look is by creating an elegant outdoor patio. Unlike other styles we’ve mentioned, an elegant design shouldn’t be loud or in your face. Instead, keep things neutral and focus on the quality of the materials. Consider splurging on plush furniture rather than going vintage. My friend Mary has this gorgeous light fixture on her elegant patio that really makes a statement; anyone who wants classiness should rip a page from her book. Also, check out Patio Essential’s elegant citronella candle selection today. We have glazed candles that’ll add a hint of sophistication to any area of your home.

These are the seven most popular patio decorating styles that any ambitious homeowner should know. Let’s face it—no one wants to live in a cookie-cutter home. If you’re dying to break the mold and stand out from your neighbors, then consider trying out one of these designs. Patio Essentials has the accessories you need to make your home uniquely your own, no matter what style you choose—thinking about the changes you’ll make and anticipating the before/after pictures will surely be enough to get you through the winter.

The 7 Most Popular Patio Decorating Design Styles

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