Things To Consider When Using Patio Torches in the Winter

Things To Consider When Using Patio Torches in the Winter

There are so many misconceptions about winter. For example, many folks feel they need to stay inside because it’s too chilly outside. Well, I’m about to become a myth buster, people! You can absolutely enjoy the great outdoors during the winter if you prepare beforehand. Get the right equipment and read about these things to consider when using patio torches in the winter, so you can break free from your house and get some fresh air.

It’s All About Placement, People

You can’t underestimate the importance of placement when it comes to patio torches. It’d be an absolute nightmare if things were too close together and a fire broke out. Luckily, there are easy ways to stop this from happening. For starters, place the torches 6-8ft apart and push them about inches into the ground. Furthermore, it’s crucial to secure patio torches in the wintertime. You might have trouble pushing things down because of the snow on the ground—but don’t stress! All you need are a few extra pins and anchors to ensure nothing’s going anywhere!

Time To Get Creative

Another thing to consider when using patio torches in the winter is that they add flair to a space. It’s hard to spruce up your patio or yard in the wintertime because things are so dreary and gray. Consequently, you must think outside of the box when it comes to styling! Use your patio torches as design statements by wrapping string lights around them. As long as the lights aren’t too close to the fire source, you can create mock Christmas trees in your yard.

When the Party’s Over

Sadly, even winter backyard parties must come to an end. When people are leaving and the festivities are wrapping up, it’s time to consider how to store your patio torches. Luckily, the process is far from rocket science. Make sure the torches are facing upright and are placed far away from other objects. Also, BE SURE to keep them out of a child’s reach. Last winter, my son came inside talking about getting a big stick from the yard. I was horrified when I saw a patio torch in his hand! From then on, we placed the items far up in our shed where the kiddos can’t get them, and where they won’t freeze.

Shatter the misconception that you can’t enjoy your patio in the wintertime. This piece has shown you that this is an easy goal to accomplish with the right equipment! Imagine sitting around the fire, drinking a glass of wine with the girls, or sipping hot chocolate while you watch the kids play. Either one of these visions is better than being stuck inside. So, if you’re thinking about giving it a try, check out Patio Essentials’ site today. We have patio torches and stylish outdoor citronella candles that’ll make your yard the ultimate winter spot.

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