Have questions about our products? You'll find our answers to our most frequently asked questions from customers below. Still can't find an answer? Send us an email!

Can I reuse my Patio Essentials citronella candle holder?

We love the idea of reusing our candle holders for other purposes once the candle is burned down! We recommend using the empty, cleaned out holders for decoration, planters, storing small items such as office or craft supplied and other things along those lines. We do not recommend reusing candle holders to hold or store any type of food or drink as our candles contain paraffin wax, which is safe externally but should not be ingested. Even if you clean out the candle container, there is a possibility that some paraffin would remain.

To learn how to clean out your candle holder, check out our video tutorial! We also have a few suggestions on how to reuse your candle holder, head over to our reuse tutorials for inspiration!

I bought one of your tabletop torches, how do I open the fuel canister to fill it?

We get this question a lot! Most of our tabletop torches have a child safety lock mechanism that makes them tricky to open, so we put together this blog post with a video and step by step instructions to help you out!

I bought one of your items in a store and want to buy more, I can't find it in the store anymore and it's not available on your website. Where can I find it?

Because a lot of Lawn and Garden distributers purchase our items and then sell them to local hardware, lawn and garden stores themselves, we don't have a comprehensive list of all of the stores that carry our products. If there's a locally owned and operated hardware, lawn and garden store near you, it's worth calling to ask if they carry Patio Essentials products. A lot of our items have a sticker on the bottom with an item number that you can as for as well. For a list of retailers who carry our Patio Essentials brand products, click here. If you can't find the item your looking for anywhere near you and it's not available on our website, feel free to reach out to us via email. We only sell a small portion of our items on our website, but if you're really wanting something in particular, we can usually find a way to help you out!

Can I burn your citronella candles indoors?

No, our citronella candles were designed for outdoor use only. We do not recommend using our citronella candles indoors, please burn them outdoors only as intended. If you purchased on of our lanterns that comes with a citronella candle, you can replace it with a regular indoor candle if you wish to use your lantern indoors.

How long will it take for my order to arrive?

We process orders within 2-3 business days of receiving them. Once they've been processed, orders with standard shipping will be delivered within 2-8 business days and orders with priority shipping will be delivered within 2 business days.

What is your return policy?

Items may be returned within 90 days of purchase.  After this date, no item can be returned for a replacement or a refund. 

To be eligible for a return, your item must be unused, in the same condition that you received it and products must be in their original packaging. When your return is received, $8.00 will be deducted from your refund for a shipping and restocking fee.

You can print a return label for your order here.

We want to make sure that you get what you ordered, so if your item(s) arrive damaged or defective, please send an email to info@patio-essentials.com describing the issue, include photos if applicable.