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12 oz. Yellow Glazed Crock Citronella Candles, 2 pack

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Our 12 ounce Yellow Glazed Crock Citronella Candles come in unique stone pots with a crackle yellow and brown glaze finish. They’re perfect for styling your outdoor dining table or adding to your barrier of protection by placing them on a side table on your patio. The citronella oil will help mask scents that bugs are attracted to so you can enjoy your time outdoors, so be sure to use multiple candles to create a barrier of protection – these look great paired with our 12-ounce Blue Glazed Crock Citronella Candles too! These candles will burn for about 30 hours, but once the wax is melted, they are the perfect size to reuse as a planter for succulents!

Our factory made a mistake, it’s a bummer for us – but great for you! We received a batch of candles without any whitening solution in it, so the wax color is yellow. It doesn’t affect the candle at all, but since these candles are supposed to have white wax, we’re selling them at a 35% discount to make room for new candles!

  • Citronella oil helps mask the scents that mosquitoes and other pesky bugs are attracted to
  • Each candle burns for approximately 30 hours                 
  • Made with 12 oz. of all-natural wax with real citronella oil   
  • Contains 3% all-natural citronella oil which has been proven to have the highest efficacy rating          
  • Safe and stylish way to mosquito-proof your yard
  • Reusable stone pot
  • Creates a warm and welcoming environment for backyard activities and events             
  • Pair with other citronella products to create a barrier of protection
  • For outdoor use only
  • 5.43"  x 5.43" x 3.66" h

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