Rylee Low Citronella Candle, 3-Pack
Rylee Low Citronella Candle, 3-Pack
Rylee Low Citronella Candle, 3-Pack

Rylee Low Citronella Candle, 3-Pack

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You'll love the simplicity of the modern, yet rustic look our Rylee Low Citronella Candles will add to your patio-space space! These round-shaped outdoor citronella candles come in a matte ceramic vessel in either grey, black, or white (each 3-pack comes with one candle in each color) featuring a wrapped twine accent around the bottom of the candle. Whether you're going for a farmhouse-chic decorating style or a more modern industrial look, the finishing touches on these medium-sized citronella candles give them just the right amount of style to fit into any outdoor space.

Complete your patio space by pairing this Patio Essentials 4.8 oz. round ceramic farmhouse citronella candle with twine accent, 3-Pack with any of the citronella candles or tiki torches in our Farmhouse or Modern collections. For maximum coverage, space your citronella candles and torches 18-36 inches apart around the perimeter of your outdoor space.

  • Dimensions: 3.9" diameter, 3.3" h
  • Materials: Ceramic Vessel, Twine Accent, Wax Candle
  • Contains 3% real citronella oil
  • Creates a warm and welcoming environment for backyard activities and events 
  • After the candle has completely burned out, the ceramic container can be reused as chic storage or a pot for small plants
  • For maximum coverage, pair with other citronella products around your perimeter to create a barrier of protection
  • For outdoor usage only