Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle, 3-Pack
Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle
Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle with Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch and Global Decor
Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle on Patio Table
Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle 4.53" diameter, 3.66" height

Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle, 3-Pack

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Create a dreamy outdoor space that soothes your wanderlust with our Patio Essentials 6-ounce Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candle, 3-Pack. The textured, hand-carved look of this citronella candle adds an artisan charm to your patio or deck that will make you feel like you're lounging in a Mesopotamian paradise! Perfect as a table centerpiece or placed on a small side table, this small citronella candle is a stylish way to light up your evenings with a warm, cozy glow.

Add to the old world charm-style of our 6-ounce Aztec-Inspired Carved Citronella Candles by pairing them with any of our other Tropical-Inspired items and spacing them 18-36 inches apart around the perimeter of your outdoor space for maximum coverage.

  • Dimensions: 4.53" x 4.53" x 3.66"h
  • Materials: Cement Pot, Wax Candle
  • Approximately 20 hours of burn time
  • Contains 3% real citronella oil
  • Creates a fun and welcoming environment for backyard activities and events
  • After the candle has completely burned out, the cement vessel can be reused as a decorative accent, tealight holder, or as small storage
  • For maximum coverage, pair with other citronella products spaced 18-36 inches apart around your perimeter to create a barrier of protection
  • For outdoor usage only