Patio Essentials Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch
Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch
Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch Tabletop Torch
Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch 5 ft Standard Torch
Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch
Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch
Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch

Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch

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Create a chic and comfortable outdoor space with our Patio Essentials Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torch. With an eye-catching textured design that combines geometric shapes, faux weaving, yellows, browns, and blacks, this convertible torch will add an exotic, old-world charm to your backyard patio. This 3-in-1 torch comes with a torch head, four connecting pole pieces, and a deck clamp so that you can set it up as a standard 5-ft torch, attach it to deck railings, or use it as a tabletop torch. No matter which setup you choose, this bold and spirited patio lighting accessory is sure to create a cozy glow to your outdoor space.

Grab a few of these Aztec-Inspired 3-in-1 Torches to your outdoor space, or pair them with some of our other tropical-inspired citronella candles and torches and space them18-36 inches apart around your outdoor space perimeter for maximum coverage.

  • Dimensions: 4.45" L x 4.45" W x 64.40" H (full yard torch), "5 " 5 " 9.75"h (tabletop torch)
  • Materials: Resin Torch Body, Metal Fuel Canister, Fiberglass Wick
  • 16-ounce fuel canister capacity
  • 1 torch with multiple set up options: 5 ft torch pole, tabletop torch, deck railing clamp
  • Comes with a long-lasting fiberglass wick
  • The metal snuffer allows for safe flame extinguishment
  • Torch head screws into pole for easy assembly and storage
  • Made for use with Patio Essentials torch fuels
  • Creates a warm and welcoming environment for backyard activities and events
  • For maximum coverage, pair with other citronella products spaced 18-36 inches apart around the perimeter of your outdoor space to create a barrier of protection
  • For outdoor usage only

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